Monday, November 08, 2010

Late Night Comedy

You Are the Late Show with David Letterman

You are a bit sarcastic and cynical. It takes a lot to wow you.

Your sense of humor is pretty dry. Sometimes people don't even realize that you're joking.

You're the type of person that people are dying to impress. People often make a fool of themselves around you.

Your standoffishness and aloof demeanor only makes you more appealing!

Yup, that's about right. Dave's got it all. Great monologue, fun and wacky comedy bits, and a wide range of interview guests from laughs with the typical celebrity to serious discussions with political figures. Though I don't think I'm aloof. Like Dave, I can get silly, too. :)

Still, since he'll be on a half hour earlier, I plan to watch Conan O'Brien first. His show premieres on TBS tonight.

Feeling: calm