Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cool Stuff

Dark Horse has Last Kiss Comics goodies: including mugs and sticky notes. I love Last Kiss and these goodies would make nice gifts. They should be hitting comic stores, soon, and I imagine you can buy them online if comic book shops aren't your thing or aren't in your neighborhood.

And hubby brought back dark chocolate from Ethel's and a wonderful, large mug for hot chocolate. Photos tomorrow.

I just noticed, before my internet froze and I had to shut and reload the browsers and lost the last paragraph I wrote on this post and which I'm now redoing, that the url for Ethel's is which redirects to I'm not sure what that means. My chocolate pieces definitely say Ethel's on the wrapper, not Ethel M. And interestingly, something I hadn't noticed before, they say they're put out by Mars.

Feeling: sleepy