Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothing

From Neatorama:  I need these Commandments Sticky Notes. And if I drank coffee, I'd so get one of these: Cool Coffee Machines.

Got spam today from Cigar Fun. Yeah. Right. When I'm looking for fun, the first thing I think is, Gee, I wish I had a cigar. Not. But at least it wasn't the usual Viagra, Penis Enlargement, or other crap that typically fills my spam folder.

I've been having problems moderating comments. Either people keep deleting comments before I can publish them, which makes no sense, or that's happening as soon as I open the email in Firefox. I'm going to try to not open the email notices and go straight to Blogger to moderate. If you've commented and your comment has not appeared, please try again. This does not happen with FF on my netbook, nor with FF on my work PC. Nor does it happen with Chrome on my home PC, so I don't know what's going on with FF, my home PC, and Blogger.

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  1. Are the spam comments maybe going into that new spam filter under the Comments tab? I find that it's pretty good at catching the crud.

  2. No, Andi. Blogger just says they've been deleted. It's very strange. The spam is going into the spam folder just fine, but comments from 2 people that were legit have just vanished.

  3. They lost data for about 7500 user a few months ago because they were using Pormise Arrays to store the data.

  4. Interesting. But it doesn't really explain why it only happens when I use Firefox at home, not Chrome and not Firefox at work. And my FF at home does other weird things when I'm in Facebook. It's just odd.


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