Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Three Non-Pareils

I've been under the weather, but wanted to get this comparison taste test posted. I ended up buying non-pareils from each of the three chocolate shops we visited in Vermont.

The first pictured, from the Village Chocolate Shoppe is very creamy and rich (I still have some), with a lot of chocolate to go with the candy dots on top. The bottom is curvy and the pieces are mostly round. My favorite of the three.

Vermont Confectionery is next in the photo. The non-pareils, which we've been enjoying at work, are round, with a bigger circumference than the other two. The chocolate is good and there's a nice chocolate to candy ratio. The bottoms are flat, making these seem mass produced rather than hand-dipped as the other two seem. I don't know how any of these were produced. This is a good, solid, dependable candy, but nothing special.

The Chocolate Barn's non-pareils, pictured to the right, are misshapen, giving them charm. Most are fairly oval, with a mound of chocolate topped with candy dots, similar to the Village Chocolate Shoppe's. They taste as good as the Chocolate Shoppe's, but aren't as creamy and rich on the tongue.

I love non-pareils and consider them a perfect chocolate candy, if you get them in dark chocolate with white candy dots. I'm sure the other combinations of chocolate and candy are good, too, but I don't eat them.

I wish I could've compared everything I like in the stores, at least for what chocolate candies they overlapped, but I gained enough weight on this mini-vacation!

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