Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Link or Two?

Found this fun drawing site Bomomo on Paperback Writer. It's a nice freeform drawing tool, using a set of shapes you use as brushes. Here's one of my little efforts.
Another drawing site found on Paperback Writer is Mutapic. It's a lot more complicated, but very interesting. And this Tile Machine, also found on Paperback Writer, lets you make tiled images, useful for blog and website backgrounds.

Presurfer calls our attention to amazing sand sculptures and even more amazing pencil sculptures.

Neatorama looks at the stories behind our favorite movie theater snacks. Alas, no photo of my favorite, Sno-Caps (teeny non-pareils), so here's a couple of pics of them.
Aug262006 002 May2010 305
I do need to take some better pics of these delicious morsels. Sadly, they're not included in the stock of most NY theater concession counters and I have to get them in a store.

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