Friday, April 02, 2010

For Some Reason I'm Not Surprised

Your Late Bedtime Says You're an Oddball

You like to do your own thing, even if you have to make sacrifices for your lifestyle.

You are extremely creative and inspired. It's easy for you to lose time in your projects.

You tend to live hard and not take as good of care of yourself as you should.

Sleep often comes last for you, if it comes at all... and you're always hurting in the morning.

Actually, I'm a night person. I can go to bed early and still not fall asleep. Or wake up way too early and then be dead tired during the day. I can be tired all day, yet perk up around 10 pm. And yes, I suppose we night people, especially sun-worshipping night people like me, are odd, indeed!

Feeling: amused
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