Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Think it's Done

It was a lot of work trying to get the sizing right for all the pics and then for the header, but I really like it. All are my photos. All the food in the pics were very yummy. I love being able to eat my photo props. I hope everyone likes how the blog looks now. It should now be easy to tweak. I got a lot of stuff in the sidebar and footer cleaned up. All of it, I think, actually. The Weather Pixie is awol, but that's their server that's the problem, not me/Blogger, so I'm leaving the broken link there in hopes they can come back. I did take a lot of stuff out, but the sidebar is still long. I'd hate to make this a 3-column blog. I didn't like how that looked when I tried it.

I can't believe I spent most of the day on this project, but given the nasty, rainy day, it's just as well. I sure wasn't going out to take photos as I'd wanted. Still need to clean up around the apartment, though. Ah well, something for another day. ;)

Feeling: tired

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