Saturday, September 05, 2009

Me Me Me Me

They have an app that posts Daily Me Quizzes as a way to let people get to know you and they sure do provide useful posts for here. From today's selection:

Basic Info
do you get regular massages?: No, but that sure would be nice.
do you have an answering machine?: Yes cuss word do you use the most?: Shit, crap, fuck, frak
are you underweight or overweight?: Slightly overweight
can you see your veins?: Yes, unfortunately

soap?: Dial
fruit?: Banana
kind of red meat?: Steak, burgers
fish?: Lox
candy bar?: Haven't eaten one of those in years

Have you Ever
eaten a whole bag of potato chips?: Small bags, yes.
eaten lobster?: No. Ick.
climbed a mountain?: Walked up a path on small mountains in NYS and walked on a couple of volcanos in HI
been skydiving?: No
been water skiing?: No

Do you
wish you could change something about your life?: Do my childhood over
like your nose?: It's functional, so I guess so
like salt and vinegar chips?: Never had any
eat salsa?: No
own a boat?: Just toy ones.

What is
a small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequenses?: can't think of any
your most macho trait?: Uh, I use words like fuck
the longest relationship you've ever had?: Married 24 years and counting
your most embarrassing thoughts?: Why would I mention those online?
your most shameful moment?: See above

bath/shower?: Shower, but like both
markers/crayons?: Markers, but like both
pens/pencils?: Pens (except pencils to draw with)
jelly/cream cheese?: Both, together preferably
bagel/toast?: Toasted bagel

My greatest weakness is.....: chocolate
My most special friend is.....: She knows who she is.
I wish I was a.....: an Oscar Meyer Weiner... oops, sorry, couldn't resist.
Three things I wouldn't do for a million dollars is.....: kill, hurt anyone, steal
The oddest thing I've ever put in my mouth is.....: Dunno. Maybe dirt and paste when I was a kid.

credit card you had?: Korvette's dept store (It was the easiest to get back in the '70s when you didn't yet have a credit history.)
loan you got was for?: sofabed
first paycheck was for how much?: Uh, maybe $30 or so. It was back in 1968 or '69, a summer job.
time you had stitches?: For some minor surgery when I was 16.
time you went to the hospital for something?: For eye surgery when I was 3.

List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?: Like I could remember. Uh, cereal, M&Ms, pizza, soda, chips, muffins, some other stuff
Last thing you used a credit card for?: Have no clue. Maybe shoes or books or dvds online
What was your last job?: same one I've got now
Last thing you celebrated?: Today, at 5:15 pm when I left work, I celebrated the end of the work week.
Last time you were at a sports bar?: Never have been

Feeling: happy to have a 3-day weekend

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