Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Online Addictions

I'm addicted to Pet Society on Facebook. I admit it. I play that damned game every night and when it's not working, I go through withdrawal. It's sad, really. I'm a grown woman, addicted to a silly little animated online game. It's been mostly down the last few days and I seem to have forgotten how I used to spend my time before the game came into my life. Now that's really sad.

So, I was reminded by this how once I spent too many hours reading blogs and writing blog entries. Or the nights I spent making user pics with Photoshop for my LiveJournal. Or cruising flickr, especially reloading Explore/Interestingness over and over and over for hours on end.

And because I need a post over on The View from Here, I'm reposting part of this.

Meanwhile, the National League blew the All-Star Game, again. That was frustrating and annoying. The pre-game ceremony was very nice, though, honoring real people "All-Stars" and the first pitch thrown by Pres. Obama.

Feeling: frustrated

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