Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jay Black in Concert

Hubby and I saw Jay Black in concert at Westbury last night. It was his usual show. Lots of raunchy jokes and the usual songs. He'd had to cancel back in April due to throat problems, and while his voice cracked a few times last night, he sounded good. And he lost some weight, which is even better. He'd gotten way too heavy in recent years. I just hate when he gets political. He's a Conservative Republican and proud of it. Which is fine, but it's the way the crowd gets behind him when he makes political statements that makes this Liberal Democrat cringe at times. I wish some people would realize that being against a war doesn't make you unpatriotic. Part of a democracy and feedom is being allowed to protest.

Okay, enough politics for this blog. Today, I did laundry and now am about to resume cleaning from yesterday.

Feeling: okay

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