Monday, May 04, 2009

Once Upon a Blog

Somehow, while I wasn't paying attention, I passed my 5 Years of Blogging Anniversary. That was in March. In March 2004, I started blogging (I don't count the LiveJournal I started in the fall of 2003, because I used it for about a month.), first with AOL Journals, then soon after on Blogger and LiveJournal (under a second account because I'd forgotten the login info for the first). The first Cyber Chocolate was that AOL blog and this one was Cyber Chocolate Junior, started that summer for things (javascript memes, etc) that I couldn't post on AOL (which didn't accept javascript). After a year or thereabouts, I switched CC and CC Jr and this one here on Blogger became the Main Shelly Blog. The AOL version is long gone and now, so are AOL Journals.

This place could use a bit of freshening up, but I won't think about that until the summer. Meanwhile, I'm being cautiously optimistic that I'm actually a bit better health-wise. And busy trying to get things done before my vacation in two weeks.

Feeling: okay

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