Sunday, April 05, 2009

So Long, Shea, Hello, Citi Field

I went to the exhibition game between the Mets and Red Sox at Citi Field today. This is a picture of the magnificent Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Some thoughts and observations.

Much as I'll miss Shea Stadium, Citi Field is beautiful and comfy.

It was, however, too cold and windy. I was shivering down to my bones. Since the Mets were down 6-0 before batting in the first, I walked around the stadium after the third inning and took a lot of pictures.

The seats are wider and lower to the field. Because of the overhang, I couldn't see much foul territory in left field, which is the side I was on, left field just past third base.

There was nearly no toilet paper left in the stalls of the women's room I went to after the third inning. But the toilets were nicer than Shea's were and they flushed well. Given the stadium, as was Shea, is in Flushing, Queens, that's how it should be.

There are cupholders!

Potato KnishThere are lots of food choices, including the Shake Shack on the Field Level. The food lines everywhere were enormously long. There's also pizza, seafood, Nathan's, sausages, and more. I had a potato knish.

The seats past third base angle toward home plate!

You can listen to the Mets telecast in the restrooms.

You can see the field from almost anywhere in the concourses and there were plenty of monitors for while you're standing on food lines. The concourses are wider than at Shea.

There was a boutique for female fans. Like all the other shops, there was a line to get in. They were limiting how many people could crowd in the shops at a time, which was a good idea. I didn't go into any of the shops, however. I didn't want to wait on lines when I knew I wasn't going to buy anything. I'm saving that for later in the season.

The Mets lost in a game that didn't count, and their starting pitcher, Ollie Perez, pretty much sucked. Citi Field, however, is a winner.

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