Monday, April 06, 2009


Sitting here chillin' to my Pandora "Journey" station. Perfect for late night.

Counting PenniesThe theme on one of the flickr groups I'm in was "frugality" this week, so here's a shot of stormies Stan and Steve counting pennies as the Death Star has fallen on hard times, resulting in layoffs.

The financial woes have hit my workplace, too. I thought the toilet paper we had at work was the thinnest possible. I was wrong. They found something thinner/flimsier. So of course, now one needs to use 3-4 times the amount they'd normally use, maybe more. I'm already using 3 paper towels instead of one to dry my hands, thanks to paper towels that are almost as thin as the toilet paper. How this is a savings, I don't know. And while I have been bringing my own TP to work for months now (nice, double-ply, Quilted Northern), I still use what we have at work to wipe up the seat after the messy staff who precede me in the restroom. I couldn't believe how much of that flimsy paper it took to absorb all the water (I'm pretty sure it was water, no doubt dripped from wet hands because the paper towel dispenser is so close to the toilet).

On the personal front, since we still haven't gotten our raise, due last year, when the union ratified it, I've been forced to curtail my toy buying. Oh, the trauma.

Meanwhile, the Mets won their opening game, in rainy, snowy, cold Cincinnati. One and Oh. I like the sound of that. I really hope it's warmer and dry for their season opener, next Monday night, since I'll be there. I'd like to know what happened to spring. It showed up and must've not liked something, because it seems to have vanished.

I went to lunch with a friend and had a yummy cheddar omelette. The workday was busy, mostly with the sort of stuff that makes me wonder why I wanted to be a supervisor: staff issues, statistics, reports. argh.

Ah, Pandora is now playing my ringtone song: Don't Stop Believin'. Nice.

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