Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mets Home Opener

Steve Says Hi From Citi FieldLast night I went to the home opener of the Mets 2009 season in their brand new stadium, Citi Field. I'd gone last Saturday, for an exhibition game, and froze my butt off, so I dressed more warmly. It did get rather chilly after the sun went down. There I was in flannel lined jeans, down jacket over a sweatshirt over a sweater top, ear muffs, and gloves. In mid-April.

The night was wonderful, even though the Mets lost. On a damn balk. Among the firsts:
Home run (by the other team, in the first at bat, by Jody Gerut, in what was the first time someone hit a first home run in a new ballpark or some such, so his bat is going to the Hall of Fame)
Mets home run (David Wright)
Broken Bat (twice)
Cat (A tabby, it leaped onto the area behind home plate apparently from the stands.)
Pinch hitter (Gary Sheffield, who didn't get his 500th home run)
Pitcher to slip and fall on the mound (Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey)

I also got to see, and snap a couple of pics of, Frank Robinson who was in the wonderful Jackie Robinson Rotunda before the game. My pics are on flickr. The link is to the first of the night, so just keep moving forward.

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