Saturday, December 06, 2008

Way Cool

This TypeRacer site is a great way to practice your typing skills while playing a game. The faster you type (accurately), the faster your little car moves. You can practice on your own, or compete against others. Really makes me wish we'd had this when I was in school, back in 7th grade when we were required to take typing. Ah, the days of clunky, manual typewriters: The quick brown fox jumped over the... Great. Now I've forgotten what he jumped over. Anyway, this is much better and loads of fun. And on my first shot, I hit 64wpm, which is a lot faster than when I actually worked as a typist (I typed 35-50 words per minute back then). Then again, I was nowhere near the top scores of 120wpm-150+wpm. Found on Today on the Interwebs, which is a pretty nifty link blog.

The Presurfer found this nice collection of movie end shots over on flickr.

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