Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obligatory Update

Still recovering from the bacterial infection from hell. Went to a gastroenterologist today and he thinks it'll just take time for everything to work itself out, so we're monitoring for the next couple of weeks. Sometimes, I actually have some energy, and other times I feel like curling into a ball and going to sleep. Colitis is not fun and not for amateurs. *sigh*

So, maybe I'll start the new year off by going back to the gym and working on the novel in revision I hope to actually finish and submit to publishers someday. Unless another health disaster befalls. I had some fun in 2008, but I will be happy when this year manages to crawl to a close.

To entertain myself, I've been making userpics, which are icons or avatars, for my LiveJournal. So far, I have only up to 156 of 195 now allotted. I'm in icon heaven. Maybe in the new year, I'll get the rest of the graphics back up on my blogs, or get a new site up and host them there.

Feeling: blah

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