Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trouble Ahead

Things don't last. First, AOL is dropping its journals. No biggie. I ended all my AOL journals years ago.

Then I found out that the New York Burer Co. near work, where I sometimes get yummy scrambled egg sandwiches in the morning, is going to stop serving breakfasts as of next Friday. Upsetting, but I'll manage.

Then I found out my webhost, the hubby of my best friend, is getting out of the webhosting business. WTF? Now what do I do? Pretty much all my graphics for my blogs are on my website. I can move most over to Blogger. I'm not sure how to do the template graphics, though, so for a while, things might look weird here. I have until the end of October before he pulls the plug, so maybe I can get things mostly fixed by then.

But where do I put the ico file for my favicon? Can Bloggger store that for me? I'll probably do another website, if I can find a reliable host I can afford, but I'll start over, new domain and everything, so the graphic URLs will change. And I have to change all the links I have going to my site. I don't know that I'll remember where they all are. And if I do a new site, what should it be? I copied most of the site pages to a blog a few months ago, so I don't need to repeat that as a new site. I probably don't really need a site, but I like having one.

I so didn't need this to have to deal with now.


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