Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adventures in Shopping

And the wisdom to be gained from the shopping experience.

Usually, I try on the next season's clothes in my closet *before* going shopping, but on impulse after my morning physical therapy session for my shoulder, because I had taken the day off, I decided to go to Macy's (not the best way to spend the first day of Rosh Hashanah, but necessary). I'd gained some weight over the summer since I haven't been to the gym since falling in July, and figured I could always use some new pants and/or sweaters. And I did find a nice pair of corduroy jeans (after trying on 12 pairs) and one sweater top. And more than ever, a few pearls of wisdom proved true.

All clothes of the same size are not created equal. This leads directly into the corollaries:
  1. Clothes of the same type are not sized the same from company to company.
  2. Clothes of the same type but different style and/or fabric are not sized the same within the same company.
I'd read a couple of years ago how clothing manufacturers were sizing things down a size to make women shoppers feel better about the size they were wearing. So, a pair of Misses Size 12 jeans were really size 14 and so on. This is born out by my size 12 jeans at home, although tight now, still fitting better than the size 14s I tried on today.

Two corduroy jeans by the same company -- Style & Co. -- in the same color, and same size, but different styles, did not fit the same way. In fact, one was so nice and comfy, I bought them. The other pair wouldn't zip up.

Other shopping laws:
  • If you love it, it won't fit.
  • If it does fit, it won't be comfortable.
  • Always, always, always try to sit in pants or skirts before buying.
  • If you love it, and it fits, and is comfortable, it won't be available/in stock in the color you really want.
And then, for fun, I tried on a pair of shoes that looked comfy and were a brand I hadn't heard of: J-41. Let me say this, they were comfy. The cushioning of the inner sole was divine. And my toes had wiggle room. Unfortunately, as is often the case with many comfy brands, the arch was too high and in the wrong spot, and actually hurt, which was an odd sensation for my feet, being both comfy and hurting simultaneously. But if nice arch support works for you, you might want to give them a try. For women, only, I believe. Sorry, guys.

So, after 2 hours in the store, I had one pair of cord jeans and one thin sweater top to show for my efforts, and I came home and cleaned out my closet, trying on all my pants and jeans. Two pairs of jeans are going. If I lose enough weight where they would've been comfortable again, I'll just replace them. I don't have enough room to keep storing clothes in the hopes I might fit into them again someday. Two years have gone by since I last wore those two pairs.


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