Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of Stadiums, Concerts, and Injuries

IMG_5046My hubby and I went to the Billy Joel concert last night at Shea Stadium. We went with a couple of friends and had floor seats. It was fun getting to stand on the left field warning track and seeing our seats for ballgames while looking up from the field.

The concert, which we didn't get to see all of, was wonderful. Billy Joel did a great job, even singing a couple of Beatles songs (they had performed the first concert ever at Shea), although I heard on the radio we missed one later. There were surprise guest stars: Tony Bennett, Don Henley, John Mellancamp! Bennett did a duet with Billy on "New York State of Mind" which was amazing. Bennett's voice sounded as strong as ever.

The concert, scheduled for 8 pm, started at 8:40 and around 11:15, a friend of the friends we were with who was working as an usher, offered to move us to vacated seats nearer the stage. We were close to the front, but off to the side and there were nice, but drunken guys in front of us waving beer bottles around and I'd already had beer spilled on me, and since our friends wanted to, my hubby and I hesitantly agreed. And on the way, as I was trying to keep up in the dim light, some women barreled into me as they went by, knocking me down. I fell and bruised my left side, shoulder hurt like a bitch. Shea's EMS guys (the very nice John and Rodney) came fairly quickly, and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. Would've said no, except for my shoulder and agreed x-rays might be good idea. Went in an ambulance.

So, no break, just what looks like slight separation. The doctor, who had a snide sense of humor, kinda like a friendly "Gregory House" (the lead character of the TV show House), had an extra x-ray taken to double check because nothing showed at all on the first 2.  They gave me a sling and some ibuprofin. I'm taking Advil. Hurts like a bitch. My face is bruised, the left upper lip looks like I was punched, and my left palm was scraped. The staff at New York Hospital in Queens were really nice.

I heard about the concert on the radio this morning. Seems it ended close to midnight, so we missed at least a half hour. They're going to have live coverage of the Friday night concert, the way they did for last night's, so I'll probably listen to hear what I missed.

I'm gonna try to blog regularly, as I can mostly manage to type. Might not be commenting much on other folks' blogs for a while, though.


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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    nitpick - GREGORY House [grin]

    But - yeesh - sorry to hear that the concert ended in an emergency room. Never a good finish, that.

    And as someone whose shoulder pops out of joint (literally) sometimes at the least provocation, if it hurts, I know just HOW it hurts. Owie. My sympathies.

  2. Eek. Thanks, Alma. I'll fix it. I thought I had that wrong. ;) I write a character named Geoffrey.

    I've had bursitis in this shoulder, and the pain is similar, all the way down the arm. I don't know that I'd like a shoulder problem like yours.

    Thanks. :)

  3. Either that was some massive woman or she was going at a fast clip to bowl you over so badly. Sorry to hear that. You never know what's in store the next moment!

  4. Nah. We were all walking briskly. I don't have the greatest balance, and somewhere in this, my sandal came off. I think I just got jarred enough to lose my balance, and fell on my left side.

  5. Sorry to hear about your injury. Feel better soon!

  6. Ouch!

    Hope you recover quickly and have a good restful weekend :)

  7. Thanks, Lady B. Unfortunately, I'm working on Saturday.


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