Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am King

The results are a bit iffy because I could've answered a lot of the questions the other way. But interesting, none the less.

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The King

Congrats! Only 3-5% of the population score as this!
Kings direct their energy towards the outer world of action and word. They are organizers using logical principles with a tendency to control life. They’ll gravitate to organizing systems and people to meet goals and attempt to improve upon the way things are done. This can be expressed with finesse. The king requires very little to implement plans and very little will stop them. An overstatement of the worse type: “I’m really sorry, but you have to die.” The more sensitive souls will chuckle if they read this and know of a King. They are decisive, they know what needs to be done, and they are great at directing others.
The King prefers objectivity when making any decision. They are concerned with truth, principles and justice. They are analytical and critical thinkers and use this to govern the outer world. By thinking of the masses needs they tend to ignore the individuals feelings. Because of their knowledge of what needs to be done – being questioned can result in an icy response, or worse an icy silence.
Kings strive for excellence. They can focus heavily on the task at hand and keep others on track. They may issue orders without giving reasons and are prone to introducing too much change. Kings are excellent with the business arts. They are generally assertive, outspoken, confident, outgoing, energetic, full of charisma, and hardly stopped by conflict or criticism. They can appear argumentative, insensitive, intimidating or outright controlling. They can simply be overwhelming because of their willingness and capability to shape the world around them. But remember, every time the King shakes your hand, or offers a gift – there is great emotion invested in that one act. They downplay their gifts to others and they downplay their emotions to guard them. The King is second in rarity to the Queen.
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