Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mini Movie Review

A friend and I went to see the Indiana Jones movie after work today. We'd postponed the excursion from Saturday because I was still feverish then. Anyway, it was worth seeing. Nothing great and there really were no surprises, except possibly that Harrison Ford is getting too old for this nonsense. No, wait. That's not a surprise, either. But Shia LeBouf is a worthy successor, should he be called on for another Indy romp.

Even tho the rumors and theories were pretty much all true, there was a nice, comforting quality to the movie, lots of action, adventure, and neat ancient ruins just like the old serials I occasionally saw while growing up. They'd play along with travelogues and short subjects and cartoons before the main feature at the little movie theater not far from my house, til it finally was closed (amidst rumors of being mobbed up).

So, I was entertained this evening, and even if there were no surprises, that's still a good thing. And even the absence of sound for the first few minutes didn't ruin things. Oh sure, it would have been nice if, once alerted, the theater would have started it over, but no, they just got the sound on and things continued. But during the silence, many of us in the audience got a chuckle when the guy in front of me started whistling the Indy theme music. :)

And it was sure a nice way to end the day. Being back at work sucked.


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