Saturday, May 10, 2008

Going Mobile

So I decided to test out the camera on my new cellphone (calling it a phone seems so inadequate) and try out mobile photo posting. Success all around, although I still need to get comfortable with the camera. There's a delay in the shutter release that has me a bit off in my timing.

So I should be set to upload photos during my trip. The nice ones will still be with my digicam and uploaded properly via my laptop, but for some instantaneous fun, I'll be able to post the excitement of highways and traffic cones in real time. Thrills and Chills will abound.

This is the pic I sent to flickr.

I tried setting up mobile blogging here, but still haven't gotten a text message back from Go.Blogger to finish the set-up. If nothing happens by the end of Saturday, I'll try again. I would so love to be able to blog from the road as we whip through Pennsylvania and Ohio and into Michigan for the annual pilgrimage to a fan-run convention for fans of tv, movies, science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, etc.


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  1. My service, Verizon, charges for each photo you email anywhere. I think it was fifty cents per shot. Have you determined what, if any, charge you will be piling up?

  2. I have Verizon, but it's the Premium Plan so a lot of charges are included in the package. I don't plan to send a lot of pics that way. I can't find a way to do it through contacts, so I have to type the long flickr email addy in each time. But when you consider how much I save these days by not buying film and paying for developing, if it ends up costing me $10, it'll be a bargain! ;)


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