Friday, April 04, 2008

One Word Answers

Found this questionnaire on LiveJournal and needed a post here and haven't done one of these for a while, so what the heck.

1.Where is your mobile phone? shoulderbag (Hard to do this one with one word, and bag by itself is confusing.)
2.Your significant other? hubby
3.Your hair? brown
4.Your mother? dead
5.Your father? active
6.Your favorite thing? chocolate (Really, was there any doubt?)
7.Your dream last night? forgotten
8.Your favorite drink? malteds
9.Your dream/goal? surviving (None of my goals worked as just one word, so this should be all-encompassing, I hope.)
10.The room you're in? den
11.Your ex? none
12.Your fear? bugs (the crawly kind)
13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Retired
14.Where were you last night? home
15.What you're not? tall
16.Muffins? corn
17.One of your wish list items? laptop (a new one, along with a new PC and a new cellphone)
18.Where you grew up? New York City (Another one I can't answer with one word. Even the state has three words. Even my part of NYC has 2 words. Only one that works is where I was born: Brooklyn.)
19.The last thing you did? typed
20.What are you wearing? clothes (only way to get one word here)
21.Your TV? widescreen
22.Your pets? none
23.Your computer? Gateway
24.Your life? okay
25.Your mood? amused
26.Missing someone? mother
27.Your car? black
28.Something you're not wearing? socks
29.Favorite Store? comics (Actually, Forbidden Planet, which is more than a comics store, but it's two words.)
30.Your summer? humid
31.Like someone? yes
32.Your favorite color? blue
33.When is the last time you laughed? today
34.Last time you cried? past


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