Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lazy Day Links

These hand characters have to be seen to be believed. And I thought I take odd photos. These more than have me beat. Link found on J-Walk Blog.

I love the Statue of Liberty and have a collection of postcards depicting her as she is and in parodies. This collection of pics of the statue in ruins is therefore, rather cool, in my opinion. Link found on The Presurfer.

And speaking of fun photos, if I haven't yet mentioned Bent Objects here, I am now. Very cool photos of very cool artistic constructions on this blog.

I had my annual physical today -- pending blood test results, I'm fine. And my doctor's office is 2 blocks from Central Park, so I walked over to take some photos. It sure was windy, too windy to stay there for long. But the sky was so clear and blue. I love days like this.


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