Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bits and Bites

Egg KichelPassover is now over. The egg kichel pictured to the left is a Passover snack I'm rather partial to. It's like eating air, with a bit of crunchy flavor.

New laptop is on its way. My old one got very cranky, Windows kept crashing. Yet, I've fixed it by deleting most of the files. Still, I do need to replace it and am looking forward to getting my Toshiba cutie soon.

Went to what is now called the Capitol One Theatre at Westbury to see Jay Black concert (and an annoying comic who opened for him). His son Beau wasn't with him for the first time in years. Beau has his own career now in California. A fun show, though, as usual.

Spent a chilly, damp spring day traipsing around Central Park with a couple of flickr friends and our rubber ducks and other toys, taking pics. All in all, despite work on Saturday, it was a nice weekend.


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