Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shop Til Your Fingers Drop

Yup, more shopping links.

Sherling World has nice ear muffs and winter headbands.

More from the NY Daily News...
  • Zipper Gifts has items from toys to designer office items and a few things in between.
  • I've never tasted Simply Divine Heavenly Brownies, but they sure look yummy.
  • Find jewelry, paper goods, household items, and handbags at Calliope Boutique.
  • helps you find gifts by the personality of the recipient.
  • West Elm is another source of gifty household items.
  • This Place is a Zoo has jumbo and exotic stuffed animals. If only I had enough room for them all. Or even a couple.
  • Get candy and chocolate from Vosages Chocolate. And there's also Sweet Riot candy.
  • Wishing Fish has fun and novelty items, not all of which are safe for work.
  • Journals, rubber stamps, stationery, calendars, and more at Paper Source.
  • Moss Online has mostly expensive designer items, but they're nice to look at. And there's an Under $100 category.
  • Pink Loves Brown has both a cool name and a nice site. You can buy stationery, jewelry, notecards, bookplates, and more here. They also have a gift wrapping service and offer gift certificates for purchase.
  • Ex Libris Anonymous. Get book journals with old book covers.
  • Things Remembered has a wide variety of gift items and offers personalization.
  • MOMA Store. Lovely designer gifts from the Museum of Modern Art store.
  • Think Geek has gifts for the geek in your life.
  • Silver Flake sells jewelry. All sorts of jewelry.
Whew. That's the end of that list.

I've been labeling old posts 50 at a time. I'm almost halfway through. It's been interesting looking at my old posts. I'd forgotten most of them.

Feeling: because the Islanders beat Ottawa in a shootout tonight.

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