Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Pimpage

It's been a while -- a long while -- since I pimped blogs here, so I figured I was long overdue.

First off, I moved The Jannaverse from General Interest & Miscellany in my blogroll to A1 Special Treats. Janna is wickedly funny and never fails to entertain me, even when she's being serious.

Also in A1 Special Treats is a new addition: Tiny Little Division, a group blog from the folks at Shoebox Greetings, "a tiny little division of Hallmark." Humor is the name of the game here, from cartoons to fun links and commentary, to odd little lists and quotes. Great from when you need a chuckle or two.

I don't enjoy everything on The Boomer Chronicles (just because I share a generation with folks doesn't mean I have the same interests), but there are a lot of posts there that resonate. This one, listing how long a boomer has been doing something, would make a good meme. So, look for a post along these lines here in the future.

And now back to cleaning. Nothing like a day off from work, nice weather, sunshine, and an apartment badly in need of scrubbing and dusting.


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