Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Perfect Day

Beautiful day. Got my hair cut, then walked around Manhattan, taking pictures until it was time to meet Puglet for the first time after we've been reading each other's blogs for something like 3 years. I'm pretty sure it's been almost as long as I've been blogging. Puglet Ponderings was one of the first blogs I found and started to read regularly. And she and I hit it off as if we've known each other forever. Very cool, the way the internet can bring people together.

IMG_1559I had pancakes, then ice cream which was more sorbet than ice cream for dessert.

I'd planned to squeeze in a visit to the gym, but the timing wasn't working out and it was too nice to not be outside walking. Days like today seem to be few and far between and I was glad I wasn't stuck at work today.

Puglet has cool tattoos. Here's one of her arms. It's nice to have an online friend simply become a friend.



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