Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Lieu of an Actual Post

I present yet another update of construction here at Cyber Chocolate. Work has pretty much ended. I would still like to know if there's a way to put the graphic next to the post titles, but for now, it looks fine where it is.

The sidebar is still rather long. I have more labels than I thought I had, so I found a hack to put them in a cloud, which helps a bit. I added a few things, and redid the headers so there are fewer with graphics, but now there are sub-sections, which makes things a bit more cohesive, I think.

The header graphic and the sidebar title graphics are now hosted by Blogger. Yay! The sidebar widgets make editing the sidebar easier. I'll probably label more posts, but I'll do them 5 at a time, to keep the feed manageable. I think all the colors work. Let me know if you have a real problem reading anything. I don't want to bump the font up because that will just make things longer. Reading entries in feed readers will make them very readable.

I deleted the more informational links. They're on The View from Here, which is more appropriate for them. There's a link to a page of chocolate links as it's easier to maintain one version of a link list than two. I left all the fun toys in the sidebar because I think of this blog as my fun place as well as my personal blog where I occasionally discuss my life. But opinions are mostly elsewhere. I hope folks think of this blog as a nice place to unwind, enjoy some cyber goodness, and maybe leave with a smile.


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