Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vacation, day 2

I'm at my best friend, J's, apartment. She and her hubby are in bed, so I'm checking email and tossing up a quick entry here before I, too, go to sleep. On Saturday night, hubby and I had dinner with best friend and her hubby at the Outback and a good time was had.

Today, J and i ran errands and did some crafting. My allergies have revved up, so I've been sniffly. Even after taking Allegra, which refuses to work the 12 hours per pill as it's supposed to.

Otherwise, nothing exciting. I haven't read any blogs since Friday, but I'll try to check them in the next day or so. I'm on J's computer, which is a strange and alien thing and I can't find Firefox. Plus, she has a trackball which I am not used to. Tomorrow, I'll try my laptop and see if her hubby needs to change my settings to access their netowrk. I have a mouse for my laptop, which I much prefer.


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