Saturday, May 05, 2007

Long Time, No Links

But I've got some now.

I want this waffle iron keyboard. Eat and blog at the same time. Yum. Of course, you can't really type on waffles. And if cooking isn't your thing, perhaps you'd like jewelry made from old keyboard keys. They're really nice. (Links found on Boing Boing.)

The Pessimist's Mug: "It makes everything taste better" is the perfect gift for the pessimist in your life. From Despair, Inc. (Link found on The Presurfer.)

Make personalized playing cards. (Link found on The Generator Blog.)

Next year, I must remember to take off the first Saturday in May so I won't miss Free Comic Book Day. Because I'm missing it this year. Because I'm working. And if I go after work, I'll have missed out on all the good giveaways, no doubt, which likely will be long gone. And my comic shop will be mobbed.


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