Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Con Report Day 3

A bit belated, but here goes.

Sunday was the end of the Art Show and the art auction. During the day, E, V, and I went to Dairy Dan for an ice cream (soft serve) lunch. I had a cream puff with vanilla ice cream, a cream puff, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.
Then E, V, J, and I had dinner in the hotel restaurant, then we got dressed up for the auction which was the usual fun time, if a bit subdued versus past years. Mike, one of the auctioneers and an artist/cartoonist in his own right, wore plush, stuffed fabric antlers during most of the auction to everyone's amusement, and I ended up with a nice piece of art. More than half my crafted boxes were sold and 2 went to auction.

Monday, I stayed in the dealers' room with J after we picked up our art and we sold most of what was left at her dealers' room table. Then it was goodbyes and a last lunch for this year at the hotel restaurant with Mike. And finally, we were on our way home.

Driving was great. No construction, no traffic, nice weather and we were in Pennsylvania before we stopped for the night. For the first time, the drive each way was so fast and smooth that we didn't stay overnight in Ohio.


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