Sunday, May 27, 2007

Con Report Day 2

Slept late because I stayed up late posting pics on flickr last night. Checked the Art Show, have a couple of bids on my pieces, but not as many as I usually get by this time. Shared a club sandwich with J in the Dealers' Room, then walked through the halls, visiting room dealers. Picked up a batch of filk tapes which J and I will listen to on the drive back to her place in NJ. Filk, for those who don't know, is a music genre that grew out of folk, typically taking known music and writing new lyrics. Filkers are a tradition at science fiction cons and even have their own cons.

I got in a half hour in the exercise room, using the stationary bike and the treadmill. Then took some pics of one of the rubber ducks I'd brought in the exercise room and at the pool, plus outside in the little garden area which was wet from rain.

J and I had dinner in the hotel restaurant, Hummingbirds. I had two rubber ducks and Richard, the manager of the restaurant, helped out in the fun by bringing a couple of small bowls over with water for them to "swim" in. I love how the hotel staff gets into the whole con experience.

After dinner, J, J2, E, V, and I went "hall crawling," which involves walking through all 4 floors of rooms and taking photos of the door decorations. Then we all went swimming. The water was warm for once and I had 4 small rubber ducks, 2 bigger rubber ducks, 2 rubber fish, and the one-use waterproof camera J gave me. I hope the pics come out because we all had a blast with the toys, especially after we discovered they had itty holes and could suck up water and then with a squeeze, spit out the water in lovely arcs. Much hilarity, lots of fun and laughter ensued. It's the start of a new tradition!

A turn in the hot tub, then back to one of our rooms for chocolate and a Tarot reading, by J2, for us and some of the characters we write. A truly good, fun day.


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