Sunday, April 15, 2007

Public School

Over on I Miss My Childhood, I blogged about an upcoming reunion with one of my two friends from public school, the other Shelly. I don't have photos other than the class photos, but I thought I'd dig out some other things I do have. For one, my autograph book. And it's a hoot to look at. Here's what I put for my favs (I left some of them blank) back in June 1965, with some commentary:
  • Author.... Ian Fleming
  • Book.... James Bond, Man from UNCLE books (a tie!)
  • Sport.... Swimming (except I really, mostly just floated), ice skating (when I wasn't falling down, I loved it)
  • Profession.... Teaching or art (well, didn't quite do either, though I do craftwork now, and librarian is educational)
And while I'm at it, from my Junior High autograph book, June 1967:
  • Author.... Agatha Christie
  • Book.... Patch of Blue, 1984, Animal Farm (even back then, I had a hard time picking one fav)
  • Song.... Any song by the Monkees, preferably one Mickey sings
  • Sport.... TV watching, record listening (as you can see, I was developing my warped sense of humor right on schedule), boy hunting (yeah, right), swimming (even if I still really couldn't), ping pong (we had a ping pong table in the basement)
  • Hero.... Mickey Dolenz (of the Monkees, of course)

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