Monday, April 02, 2007

Chocolate Standards in Danger

Save Our is the place for info on this dastardly plot by the FDA to lower the standards for what is chocolate. There's more info on CandyBlog. I've already submitted my comments to the FDA. And if this goes through, I'll be reading ingredients very carefully. I guess my chocolate consumption might be affected. I might have to pay more for the designer stuff. But I sure won't be buying chocolate that isn't the real thing and it can't be the real thing without cocoa butter.


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  1. THIS is what gets my blood boiling. Much american made chocolate is already inferior due to the whopping amounts of sugar added and the reduction of cocoa solids and liquor.
    Yep, I'm biased as a trained pastry chef and the fact I work for a true European chocolatier ( not the big G..still good in Europe but to americanized here)but if this goes through, it's the equivilant of claiming that a tofu turkey is akin to the real thing. Cocoa butter is the ONLY vegetable fat that should be present in the couverature of the chocolate piece, for petes sake!

    Thanks for letting me rant. This is bullhockey.

  2. Rant away. Do it officially, too, at the FDA. We have until 4/27 to let them know what we think. With all the crap in the world today, we need our comfort food and mine's chocolate. I don't want it ruined.


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