Friday, February 02, 2007

Grand Scale Suckage

Geez, February seems to have picked up where January left off, suckage-wise. And most of the suckage is work-related, all those annoying things I can't blog about. Argh!

And Joss Whedon is no longer attached to the Wonder Woman movie. Which is a disappointment as he really understands strong female characters.

I'm thinking of adding Blogger tags/labels to the posts here even though I can't put a widget in the sidebar for them unless/if I upgrade the template. That will likely mean feeds will go nuts, so I apologize in advance, just in case.

Been eating too much, partly due to stress, partly due to hormones. And that's another frustration.

Nasty tornadoes in Florida. I have a friend who lives in the area, but miraculously, they missed her neighborhood.

I've actually read 3 books this year so far (one of which was started in 2006, but that's still my best start in years).


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