Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crappy Year So Far

Work continues to suck. More budget crunch fallout. At this rate, we'll have to buy our own toilet paper soon. As it is, I use twice the amount of paper towels to dry my hands because we've switched to single-ply. That stuff can't absorb anything. There's been some patron stuff, too, that I can't blog about.

Writing project has stalled a bit. feh.

Looks like my unblogged guess re: NCIS and the direction they're going with Tony and his girlfriend was right, but I don't know if they're gonna kill him off, or just her. I hope he'll be staying. I adore him.

Islanders are playing sucky, too, and I can't wait for baseball to start.

It's finally getting cold, like it's actually winter. First night in a loooong time I'm sitting here in the den with the windows closed, the heat on, the computer putting out its own heat, and I'm not hot.

This profoundly unprofound post has been brought to you by chocolate.


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