Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sucky Monday

Just not a good day. It was beautiful out, sunny, clear sky, warmish, but not a fun day. One of our longtime patrons told me today that he's terminally ill. He's close to my age, someone I enjoy talking about books with. We were busy today and I had two hours of phone reference work, and most of the calls were nice and upbeat, but that one call, early in my first hour, just put a pall over the whole day. I will miss chatting with him.

I noticed this blog lost 2 Bloglines subscribers recently. I hope they found another way to read this blog, but I suspect they thought I would blog about chocolate all the time, so I figured I'd explain the title. Yes, it refers to chocolate and my love for chocolate, but my thought was that this blog would provide some of the satisfaction actual chocolate provides, albeit in cyber form. For what that's worth. I really needed the real stuff, the hard dark stuff, today.


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