Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Notes from a Day

Old lady ticked me off before I'd gotten far today. I really hate when people press the elevator button before they're actually ready to board it when it arrives. And of course, she was on the second floor, one stop from the lobby. Then, after holding me up, she actually asks if I'm going down. Even if she couldn't see the down arrow lit, she must've pressed the down button to get the elevator to stop. Unless, like half the other clueless in my apartment building, she pressed both buttons. Sometimes, I think elevators should come with instruction manuals that are handed out when you sign your lease.

On my way to the subway, an old man stops to rest a bit, in the f'in middle of the street. People don't have brake lights. Good thing, even with my poor depth perception, I was able to detour around him at the last second, or I would've knocked him down. At his age, that would've meant some broken bones, I'm sure.

In the waiting room of my opthalmologist, two older women were discussing their daughters' divorces. bleh. Turns out though, that they were old friends who ran into each other there after not seeing each other for a while, which was pretty cool.

My eyes are fine, tho a bit dry. I should use artificial tears. Doc gave me a couple of samples.

Went to the gym, did a half hour on the treadmill, first time on one since my nuclear stress test. Put on about 5 lbs since August. feh.

Went to the drugstore next for Nexcare foam adhesive strips from 3M. Tried them at my best friend's over the weekend and they're much better for bruised, bashed, cut fingers where both sides hurt, than Bandaids. I tend to be brand loyal, but I can be convinced something is better, if it really is better.

Voted. Took all of 2 minutes. Not bad at all. No line or anything. Maybe after lunch is better than mid-morning when I usually vote.


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