Friday, November 10, 2006

Clothes on My Back

That title is the best play on words I could come up with. Probably because I'm exhausted from today's 1 1/2 in Macy's, hunting for something to wear to my niece's Bat Mitzvah in a few weeks. The invitation said Black Tie, so I can't really get away wearing one of my short, dressy party-type skirts. And it must be my sister's idea, because I doubt a 13-year-old kid really cares. At least, my nephew's Bar Mitzvah 2 years ago was Black Tie optional. And hubby needs to rent a tux like he needs a hole in the head and I had to buy clothes that aren't cheap that I more than likely will never wear again.

So, I could not get a dress to fit to save my life, the old "one size on top and another on the bottom. Did get a long skirt I can shorten a bit so I don't trip by doubling the stretchy waistband. It's velvet. But I so need to lose weight. 15 pounds. It shouldn't be so hard, right? Not that it would solve the problem. I've been two sizes pretty much since puberty.

Meanwhile, these Shark Socks are way cool. Definitely on the must have list.


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