Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thank Goodness for Chocolate

First thing I ate when I got home today was some non-pareils. Yum. Stress test went okay, but I won't know the results of the scans til I talk to my doctor tomorrow. I did 12 minutes on the treadmill, so at least I got some exercise in!

Candy Addict, along with having a nifty candy corn background right now, linked to this Chocolate Solar System which is just too fun looking.

You Are 36% Intuitive

You're definitely an intuitive person, but you never go on your gut alone.
You tend to be more analytical than intuitive - possibly because your intuition has failed you in the past.
When you don't have enough facts to make a decision, you don't mind listening to your gut to figure out what to do.

You Should Try Bull Riding

Congrats, you've got the moxie to tame a 2000 lb bull
At least, here's hoping so!

I would have thought I'd get NONE. You should try no extreme sport. You should sit by the window, nursing a hot chocolate, where it's nice and safe. But nooooo..... I get bull riding. Yowch!


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