Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not a Good Day

Except for finding out my nuclear stress test was normal, there wasn't anything I'd call good about today. I still feel like crap, probably made worse by being nervous about the test results.

For 2 weeks now, there's been no hot water at work. It's starting to really annoy me, especially since today, at home, the water tank was supposed to be cleaned out but the water was supposed to be on by 6 pm when I usually get home, but it wasn't. Around 8 pm, cold water starting coming from the hot water spiggots, but nothing from the cold water ones. I so need a shower, but the water coming from the shower head is like ice water.

And of course, I'm still on the laptop, with its spotty internet connection and moody booting behavior. The new video card came, so at some point, hubby will try to install it and I'll find out if my PC is still working.

There is something wrong about having the Mets former general manager Steve Phillips broadcasting the Mets' playoff games, given how some of his boneheaded decisions nearly destroyed the team before he was replaced by the brilliant Omar Minaya. Especially when he sounds like an idiot half the time. The other half of the time, he sounds barely competent.

Geez, I want a nice hot shower so much, I'd even trade chocolate for it.

Okay, I just checked. The hot water seems to be getting warm. Still no cold water, so I don't know if we can flush toilets yet, since those use cold water. I think I'll give the shower another try.

Maybe I need one of these USB Hamster Wheels.


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