Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Mental Bytes

Lovely day, warm, sunny, and I had to stay in waiting for maintenance man to check the frizzled outlet. Turns out the power is fine, but the outlet likely wore out, so he and the super replaced it. And while I was waiting for them to come, I started cleaning stuff out, and was boiling eggs for egg salad, and it's too late to go anywhere, so I'm still cleaning out stuff. Need to wait on hubby for the bulk of it because I can't toss any of his stuff without his okay and I've weeded my stuff pretty heavily. What's left would require much lifting and hauling, and I don't have time or energy for that now.

This was in today's Quotes of the Day on my personalized Google Page:
A poem is no place for an idea.
- Edgar Watson Howe
That really sums up my thinking about poetry, I think.

Installed the older version of Photoshop on the laptop to make it easier to at least crop and adjust exposure of photos for photoblogging. PS 7 doesn't have the nice filters PS CS2 has, but this will do in a pinch. Laptop is just weird, but it does some things the PC wouldn't. Just... weird. And there are things it won't do that the PC does, or rather, did. Now if I can only get the My Pictures folder backed up from the PC, I'd be really happy. I do that every few months because burning CDs is a pain and I didn't have a big enough stick for it all then. I do now, but without a monitor, it's hard to access a working hard drive, at least, that I know of.

Still feel tired, but better than when I woke up. Seems to take me 3 hours now to wake up. Minimum.

Discarding books would go faster if I didn't stop and skim them to decide what goes and what stays, then get sidetracked by one of them for almost an hour.

Anyway, back to do some more decluttering.


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