Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some Observations

Money might not grow on trees, but in my neighborhood, plastic bags seem to grow there. Seems like every other tree has a plastic bag trapped in its upper branches. People, don't litter. And when you put your trash at the curb, make sure it's secured. Simple. Really.

Why is it that when the forecast is for rain on my day off, so I plan a day of indoor activities, it doesn't rain?

Why is it that when I have plenty of time to go to the gym, I always seem to have hurt my foot or leg? In this case, my left foot hurts, as it tends to do, and I seem to have sprained a calf muscle.

Why do people think they can bully others into doing what they want when most people respond much more favorably to respectful and friendly treatment?

What did people do before cell phones made communication near constant? I'm thinking someone can make a fortune if they could invent a phone that can transmit your thoughts while you're asleep.

The Mets have the best record in baseball right now, but don't tell anyone. We wouldn't want to jinx it.

Mal had a fun day yesterday. The photos are here. I bet his feet don't hurt.


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