Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stuffed Stuff

These cute handmade dragons watch over me while I work on my computer. They're part of a fairly diverse dragon family. All of the same design, all by the same woman, but all in individual colors and sometimes, different texture of fabrics. They're all over the den.

Had work today, very busy. Islanders won a tight game, managing to avoid overtime, and I remembered to watch Hustle, which was excellent. I'd say as usual, but since this is only the third I've remembered to watch, I can only assume the ones I've missed were as great.

All 3 SciFi Channel season enders were wonderful cliffhangers. The 2 Stargates held some surprise, but not much, just the usual "how the hell are they gonna get out of this mess" situations. Whereas Battlestar Galactica could go anywhere because I haven't heard a thing about the whole cast being back next season. But there was definitely a "beware what youwish for" thing going on.

I alsp spent too much time tonight rearranging two of my photo sets on flickr. Computerization is progress for sure: it's made procrastination and cat vacuuming so much easier.