Friday, March 17, 2006

Family Affair

The tech guys got the computers back up at work, mostly, by 4:30 pm. Something to do with the T3 line. Not every computer was working by the end of the day, though. We'll see how things go tomorrow and next week. At least, I have tomorrow off.

My cousin and his daugher were visiting from California, so I went to dinner with them and my father, at whose house they're staying. We had rather bland Chinese food in a restaurant we were trying for the first time. But since this was a family thing, not a food thing, we had a nice time. Since we live on opposite ends of the country, I don't see my cousin very often, and I'd never met his daughter, who is now 18, so this was a special night. I've met his wife, before they got married, and I've never met his son, both of whom stayed home in California.