Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Bursts of Blogging

I started my writing blog, in various formats, on or around March 30, 2004. The original Cyber Chocolate on AOL was begun a week or two earlier, but since I deleted that blog, I have no record of the date. I don't know how I failed to make note of it. So, I'll use 3/30 as my blogging anniversary.

A few things I've learned about life and blogging over the years:
  • No matter how good I think my photos are, they probably will never break double digits in comments, not counting my replies, on flickr and that's okay. The same goes for the improbability that I'll ever have a photo on flickr that breaks triple digits in views, or even gets more than 50. The current high is 35.
  • No matter how much you clean, things get dirty again, dust will reclaim the surfaces in the apartment, and both dishes and clothes will need to be washed, dried, and sorted, though not in the same machines.
  • Not one of my blogs will ever make the top tier. None of them will ever be as popular as BoingBoing.
  • Sometimes, I think I got into blogging a bit late. If I'd've been earlier, I would have had less competition and more time to find and keep an audience.
  • I rather blog for me and have fun, and entertain a few folks, than try to make money off of blogging, which is really just a hobby.
  • I detest ads on blogs and merely tolerate them on blogs I love to read, which is why reading in Bloglines is so great. I don't have to see the ads.
  • I rarely click on the blog if it has only subject lines or excerpts in its feed. I don't have the time to go look at the blog, not when I check 350 of them, including photoblogs, comics, and news services.
  • I'm amazed at how quickly blogging and anything computer-related took control of my life. And yet, both have helped me with work, so for every downside, there's an upside, and of course, vice versa.
  • Despite looking much younger than my years for most of my life and despite my best intentions, I'm starting to look middle aged and I don't like it. I'm not fond of having more years behind me than ahead, statistically.
  • It's been fun going through my old photos. I haven't looked at some of those albums in years. What's the point of having photos if you don't look at them, or let others see them? I love sharing the non-family and friends ones on flickr and on Creative Endeavors.
  • I've managed to fall behind on everything as I keep adding new projects. I can't help myself and the photos project is important to me.
  • I've been using a computer less than half my life and I've been online less than that, and I can barely recall what life was like before I was connected.
  • My life is now ruled by logins and passwords.
  • Anyone who invents an affordable, self-cleaning toilet and tub will have my undying gratitude.