Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

Someday, I'll get caught up, but until that happens, some thoughts.

Frappr! the map thingie site, made some changes. I have a friends map now on my Frappr! page as well as the CyberChocolateRealm map I link to in the sidebar here. I blogged about Frappr! on Presto Speaks!

It was my day off, so I cleaned the bathrooms, got the week's comics, and went to the gym, and now I just feel like curling up and sleeping for 12 - 15 hours.

I'm doing a graphic header for someone's website as a favor. It's been an education. He's been nice and appreciative, but I'm getting a real appreciation for folks who do this for a living. It has been fun, though.

While looking around on Frappr, I found someone with a group with a rather graphic name and a rather graphic photo posted of a naked man from the shoulders down, showing off the metal on his equipment. But what was shocking and had me giggling uncontrollably was this warning in his group's description: Sexually Explicate Material. I'm thinking all his brains are in his equipment and it can't spell worth a damn. Now, I suppose I could goose my search terms hits by being more explicate explicit and just say he had studs in his cock which apparently is also where his brains are located. But I would never use such language just to goose my search engine hits. Nah, not me. heh

And I suppose he was hoping for some attention (including the pump buddies his description mentioned), and if any middle-aged ladies such as myself stumbled by, maybe we'd be shocked or horrified. I don't think he was expecting, or hoping for, someone to get the giggles. And no, I'm not providing a link. You want to see, you'll have to go look for yourself. It'll help you develop your research skills.