Sunday, January 29, 2006

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Working on Saturdays can sure shorten the weekend. I have the next 2 weekends off. What I need to do is get back to the gym. Even going once a week is tough when the weather won't cooperate. The one near home is a bit of a walk and the ones near work are a bit of a walk, too, so going after work gets me home late.

Made a yummy malted for lunch. That won't help me with the 10 pounds I'm trying to lose, but it was a good and much needed hit of calcium.

Tried to catch up on some reading, got through some articles I'd set aside, some for blogging about, but fighting the hovering headache put an end to that after an hour or so. I probably just need some sleep, but of course, I was wide awake when I went to bed, late, last night. I suppose my addiction to flickr doesn't help with the bedtime, and when photos are combined with Photoshop effects, well, let's just say I can totally lose track of time.

So, nothing too interesting to post about, especially since I really can't blog about work and our wackier patrons. We'll just have to see what the new week brings.