Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Update

After nearly 2 years of blogging, could I actually have run out of clever subject lines? It sure seems that way lately.

My father and his ladyfriend came over this afternoon. We'd planned to go out to dinner, but it was so nasty cold out that we ordered in Chinese food, from the next on our list to try. We ordered spicier dishes this time and the food was pretty good. Not great, but the best so far in our hunt for a new favorite place now that the old one is gone.

I pulled out my photo albums to show Dad's ladyfriend photos of him when he was younger, and of course me and my sister when we were kids. She got a real kick out of seeing them. And I was horrified to see how faded the color ones had gotten. I must scan in all those thousands of photos and see if I can fix the color on the best of the bunch. I'd hate to lose them.

So, it was a nice day, and while I didn't get much done, I also didn't fritter the hours away with blogging or flickr, which is my latest addiction. Which is still better than in the past when my time-waster was FreeCell.